Hi there,

My name is Jakob Jelling and I’m a part time internet marketing entrepreneur. I make my living working 9-5 for “the man” as a product manager.

I live in Aarhus Denmark with my girlfriend and our two children.

What Is InsideMyRocket.com About?

This blog is my playground for doing a lot of website traffic experiments and sharing my results (positive as well as negative) with my readers. I even share my expenses running the blog.

I take this project very seriously though and I do have ambitions. My goal is to take this blog from zero to 10K daily visitors in one year (by December 2013). To get there I need to provide my readers with a lot of valuable and interesting content in the internet marketing niche. I will try to cover every aspect of internet marketing – eg. SEO, blogging, social media etc.

I hope you’ll be supporting my blog by commenting my posts. Also please let me know if you would like me to try out a particular traffic experiment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jakob Jelling

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