Instructographics: The New Infographics

December 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

Infographics have been used for quite a while within the SEO community for link baiting. They are excellent for presenting complex data in an easy to understand and entertaining way. Readers like to share high quality infographics and as a result they can generate a fair amound of backlinks.

But there is a new contender in town. It’s called an instructographic. Colby Almond who apparently coined the term defines instructographics like this;

“Instructographics are a vertical representation of creative ideas or steps that guides the user to a specific deliverable. It doesn’t matter if it’s a recipe, hairstyle, do-it-yourself project … instructographics work on nearly any level.”

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In my opinion instructographics are much easier/faster to design than infographics and I’m sure you can think of something to teach the audience in your niche.

Examples of Instructographics

Instructographic with 12 Mason Jar Meal Recipes

View full instructographic on


Instructographic on how to create a Wall-E costume

View full instructographic on


Instructographic on how to make jar snowglobes

View full instructographic on


Instructographic on how to make an angry birds cake

View full instructographic on

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  1. I’m starting on pinterest right now – not got any boards populated at the moment, but thought I’d let you know I pinned this page, and added your url. Who know’s maybe you’ll get a bit of traffic from my pin?
    I just love the idea of this blog so much and your different approaches so far. Will keep reading.

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