Is The Vine App Just A Big Time Waster?

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Vine app logoI just learned about the Vine app and installed it from the Apple App Store right away. Two hours later I found myself still playing around with the app on my iPhone. I was creating silly videos and watching other peoples silly creations.

I have to admit it’s an addictive and very entertaining app.

What Is The Vine App All About?

This is how the developers boil down the description on the App Store:

“Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

  • Unlimited uploads and free
  • Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook
  • Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
  • Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks”

Vine app screenshot from the App Store

It should also be mentioned that your videos can be no longer than six seconds. So you have to be very creative and to the point.

A Few Vine Vid Examples

How To Use The Vine App For Marketing

I instantly started wondering how to use the app for promoting my own blog. Could the Vine App be a cool new tool in my online marketing tool box? No answers popped up.

So I Googled it and learned that a few other internet marketers actually had come up with some pretty cool ideas:

Please share your thoughts in the comments. How can the Vine App be used for promoting your business?
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