Sneaky Trick to Promote Your Website on Classifieds Websites

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If you have one or more items for sale on a classifieds website you should remember to do a little promotion of your own website. An easy way to do this is by watermarking the product image with your URL.

This trick might go against the terms of some classifies site. Make sure to read the terms or just live a little and put your URL up there. The worst thing that can happen is that the admin will delete your listing.

To show you an example I have listed these rollerblades on Danish (me being Danish) classifieds site Rollerblades for girls don’t have much in common with the topic of my blog (internet marketing) but still displaying my URL might bring in some traffic.

My listing on Danish classifieds site

It’s All About Scale

In Denmark there are only a few serious players in the classifieds market so I don’t expect to get much traffic to from there. But if you operate on the UK or US markets (and other large markets) there a numerous classifieds sites where you can list your items for sale for fee.

Imagine listing 20 items for sale on 20 different classifieds sites. That’s 400 product images promoting your URL. I bet that could drive some serious traffic and you could set it all up in less than half a workday.

If you try this one out please let me know if it works for you :-)

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